Volker Grupe

Impressum: Für den Inhalt dieser Seite ist verantwortlich: Volker Grupe, An der Bastion 1A, D50679 Köln, info(ät)df2ji.de

QRP shack with a nice view to the Severin Bridge across the River Rhine

This is the EIT (Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope) image at 171 angstroms. The bright material is at 1 million degrees.
QTH-1:Cologne, JO30LW
PA /m:HLA 150, RM Italy
ANT 80m-30m:Magnetic Loop, 2x 28"
ANT 20m: Cobra 20
ANT 80m-10m /p: Superantennas MP-1
ANT 40m /p /m: Diamond HF-40FXW
CW Paddle: Begali Traveler Light

QTH-2:Hamburg, JO53AO
TRX:Sommerkamp FTdx500
ANT:G5RV half size